Auto Glass Claim

When reporting an auto glass claim, you have the right to choose what company will do the work. Ask for MyGlass. We are proud to partner with all insurance companies and will gladly handle the claims process for you.

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Let’s keep it Simple:

There are three different types of auto glass. Dealer, OEM, and Aftermarket Auto Glass.

Dealer Auto Glass: Auto glass that is authorized by the vehicle manufacturer and is purchased by Automobile dealerships for retail sales of parts. Most of the time there is a manufacture specific logo applied to these replacement parts. For example: If you own a Mercedes Benz you will have a Mercedes Benz logo on your windshield.

If you absolutely want a manufacturer specific logo for your replacement windshield, then you would probably want a dealer-supplied windshield, which is available upon request. (Manufacturer specific logos are not available for all vehicles. Most insurance companies will not pay for additional cost for dealer glass. Added cost is customer’s responsibility.)

OEM Auto Glass: Short for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that the auto glass is made from the same specifications as dealer glass. In most cases, it is off the same manufacturing line as dealer glass but does not have the specific logo. OEM has the same color, thickness, durability, and dimensions, as dealer glass. MyGlass utilizes OEM glass.

Aftermarket Auto Glass: Aftermarket auto glass is made by companies that do not contract with any car manufacturers; therefore, they have no legal duty to manufacture auto glass to the same specifications as OEM distributors.

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When getting a windshield replacement, it is a great time to let MyGlass replace your windshield wipers and apply Aquapel. Call to schedule your appointment today!

Aquapel Glass Treatment

Aquapel Glass Treatment was developed and first patented by PPG Industries, leaders in glass technology, and now owned by Pittsburgh Glass Works, Aquapel Glass Treatment represents a product that promotes automobile safety.

Designed for professional application on windshields, side windows, rear windows, glass shower doors, or any other glass surface, Aquapel is a long-lasting glass treatment that:

  • Repels rain for remarkably improved vision
  • Makes it easier to clear ice, snow and even dirt
  • Reduces glare in the rain, especially at night
  • Helps reduce water marks and keeps down salt water

Drive Safer

Of course the best way to see how Aquapel Glass Treatment works is to have it applied on your windshield.

Whenever it’s time to renew your long-lasting Aquapel Glass Treatment, its performance can be restored in just minutes. Once you’ve driven with Aquapel, you won’t want to drive without it.When your safety is involved, SEE CLEARLY and DRIVE SAFER.